MOTORS Acquires Cazoo Brand, Set to Launch Innovative Digital Marketplace

Used car search platform MOTORS has acquired the Cazoo brand, announcing plans to transform it into a cutting-edge, mobile-first digital marketplace.

This strategic move aims to leverage MOTORS’ extensive 15-year experience to provide a fresh and innovative car buying experience.

In the coming weeks, MOTORS will unveil an all-new Cazoo app, followed by a revamped website, featuring over 250,000 used car listings. This initiative is designed to attract more car buyers and streamline the car search process, enhancing consumer engagement and satisfaction.

Barry Judge, CEO of MOTORS, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, stating, “Despite its challenges as a business, Cazoo has undoubtedly become a household name with car buyers. We have the expertise and inventory to immediately establish the new Cazoo site as a modern marketplace for used cars. We will build on the excitement and engagement that the Cazoo brand has already created with consumers to deliver more sales enquiries for our dealer partners.”

Judge highlighted the benefits for car dealers, noting that dealer partners on the MOTORS MultiSite packages will automatically gain free exposure on the new Cazoo platform. This integration offers an exciting opportunity for dealers to tap into Cazoo’s established brand awareness and traffic, enhancing their reach and potential sales.

Daniel Ozen, president at O3 Industries, echoed Judge’s sentiments, stating, “We know that today’s car buyer visits on average 4.2 websites during their search journey. With just one invoice, dealers can advertise to millions of in-market car buyers on MOTORS, eBay, Gumtree, and now Cazoo, scaling their online visibility and lead generation muscle. This acquisition underlines our ambition to be a key partner to dealers, providing exposure to car buyers across the internet.”

The MOTORS website will continue its operations, providing car dealers access to a vast audience through its network of sites, which includes partnerships with eBay and Gumtree. The investment in the Cazoo brand is set to bolster MOTORS’ position in the market, offering a robust platform for both car buyers and dealers.

As MOTORS embarks on this exciting venture, the car buying landscape is poised for significant enhancement, promising a seamless, user-friendly experience for consumers and a powerful tool for dealers to expand their market reach.