Boomi eyes expansion in Asia-Pacific

BOOMI held its biggest ever Boomi World conference in Denver, Colorado on May 7-9. — CRAG

By Cathy Rose A. Garcia, Editor-in-Chief

DENVER, Colorado — Boomi is looking to expand its business in Asia-Pacific, including the Philippines.

“Boomi being a global company, we have a large base of our employees in the broader Asia-Pacific and Japan. We have a strong team there. We have a large engineering presence in India. We have a very large, sales, marketing, go-to-market organization in Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney. And we will continue to expand,” Boomi Chief Executive Officer Steve Lucas said in a press briefing here on May 8.

Mr. Lucas noted that at present, around 10 to 15% of the company’s total revenue is from Asia-Pacific, including Japan.

Thomas Lai, vice-president and general manager of Boomi APJ (Asia-Pacific including Japan), said the company hopes to increase the total revenue share of Asia-Pacific in the next few years.

“As a percentage of revenue, we’d probably want to get more than 15 to 20% over time,” he told BusinessWorld in an interview here.

“We’ve been pretty mature in North America and the next levers of growth for us are in less dense markets, right? And so that’s everything in the Southeast Asia corridor all the way up through Japan and India,” he added.

Boomi has offices in Tokyo, Singapore, Bangalore, Sydney, and Melbourne.

While Boomi does not have a direct presence in the Philippines, it services the market through local partners and its Singapore office.

“For us, we want to do that the right way, meaning what I’ve encouraged the team is to make sure that we work closely with the partners. We work closely with the customers to make sure that they’re wildly successful and that we earn more of their business over time and that goes through our partners as well,” Mr. Lai said.

Boomi is looking to work with the public sector, such as with local government units  (LGUs) and departments, in the Philippines.

“We actually built an integration to the BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue). Now there’s a little bit of work on the BIR side, but we’ve done our part,” Mr. Lai said.

Last year, Philippine company Yazaki-Torres Manufacturing announced it chose the Boomi platform to modernize its legacy systems. Yazaki-Torres is a wiring harness manufacturer and top exporter of automotive parts.

A Boomi statement last year indicated that Torres Technology, Inc. is implementing the low-code, on-premises version of the Boomi platform. This would allow Yazaki-Torres’ system to connect to the BIR’s electronic invoicing/receipting system.

Mr. Lai also said Boomi works with some retail and financial services companies in the Philippines.

“If you look at COVID, it was a wake up call for a lot of these organizations to digitize… Singapore led the way in Southeast Asia…. And now you’re seeing investments by almost every government to be digital first,” Mr. Lai said.

He hopes to work with LGUs in the Philippines in their digital transformation, as well as companies involved in manufacturing, transportation logistics and financial services.

“It will actually help their businesses be more agile by actually creating a set of processes which are more digital.

And then they can actually have better growth long term,” Mr. Lai said.

Boomi, a global software as a service or Saas company, has over 20,000 customers and a network of 800 partners around the world. Organizations use the Boomi platform to connect their applications, data and people to accelerate digital transformation.