MILA App to help Filipino mothers with children’s medical records

by Almira Louise S. Martinez, Reporter

Filipino start-up company MILA Business Solutions Corp. recently launched a health record management system, where moms can digitally store children’s medical records, a digital baby book, a family health plan, personalized health notes, medication, and appointment reminders. 

MILA Chief Project Officer Albert Acejo shared that their personal experiences are part of the inspiration that pushed them to create the My Inspiration and Lab Access (MILA) application. 

“We didn’t have baby books back then,” Mr. Acejo said in his statement on having fragmented medical records as a child.  

In line with this, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, Ma. Jezzika Kierulf claimed that parents often struggle to keep track of their children’s health history, which causes inefficiencies in healthcare management and other complications.  

Ms. Kierulf added that despite seeing a lot of health record management applications in the market, there was nothing made for kids. 

“It is more than a digital tool; it’s a way for mothers to remain organized and proactive about their family’s health,” MILA Chief Executive Officer Faustino Salvador Jr. stated.  

Mr. Salvador says that the application ensures mothers’ peace of mind, confidence, and ease through effortless assistance in managing their families’ health and well-being. 

The MILA App is now available on the company’s official website.