Functional comfort

SIHOO ergonomic chairs on display
at the TWU x SIHOO Showroom

THE COMBINATION of style and comfort found in the chairs of Shenzhen Sihoo Intelligent Furniture is set to make their mark in the Philippines. Ergonomic products distributor Things We Use PH (TWU) recently opened a flagship showroom featuring the best of Sihoo chairs.

During the opening of TWU x Sihoo at Ayala Malls Manila Bay on May 9, TWU co-founders Rose Sunga and Aldrich Tang showed off the range of ergonomic chairs that can be found at the showroom.

Guests surveyed the variety on display. Ms. Sunga told the media that Sihoo is known for being very innovative. “We have a wide selection of ergonomic options, each with their own character and focus on comfort,” she said.

The bestseller of them all is the M57, the mesh office chair that provides basic lumbar support, with a starting price of P10,000. The top-of-the-line offering is the Doro S300, known for its “anti-gravity mechanism” that allows for maximum seating comfort and weightless recline, priced at P31,000.

Putting premium on the quality of one’s own chair hasn’t always been the norm, though. Sihoo has been innovating in the furniture design space since 2011, but since the pandemic, they observed people working and studying from home much more, with health shooting up as a big priority.

“Because of the changing modern times, people have moved their offices to their homes. Sihoo has noticed this. We need to take care of our bodies especially now, a very strong reason for us to continue our innovating,” said Luo Huiping, chairman of Sihoo, at the showroom launch.

Sihoo is known for crafting ergonomic chairs and standing desks for multiple purposes, be it gaming, home office, or on-site set-ups.

Meanwhile, TWU was started by Ms. Sunga and Mr. Tang in 2020 to address the demand for ergonomic solutions in a market moving towards a sedentary lifestyle. They were the official online distributor of Sihoo branded products in the Philippines.

Ms. Sunga explained that Filipinos have had a rapidly growing interest in Sihoo products in particular, leading to “overwhelmingly positive responses” once they purchase and use the products. This was a major factor in the decision to open a flagship showroom with Sihoo.

“It’s not just about generating revenue; it’s about giving back to people something that would make their lives comfortable,” she added.

Amanda Bonife, founder of the Scoliosis Philippines Support Group, graced the event to share her testimony regarding the chairs. (Scoliosis is a three-dimensional, unnatural sideways curve of the spine of more than 10 degrees.)

For Ms. Bonife, the life of a scoliosis patient is marked by a continuous search for solutions to address back pain and improve quality of life. “When TWU generously donated a Sihoo chair to our office, I was thrilled and so grateful. It significantly enhanced my work performance and efficiency,” she said.

However, back issues like scoliosis don’t really go away when you get a nice chair. Other methods to cope include proper breathing and posture.

“As a scoliosis patient myself, with multiple slipped discs and pain all throughout my life, my goal is to encourage people to always seek professional help for pain management,” she said.

Ms. Sunga agreed that finding the ergonomic chair for them at TWU x Sihoo is but one step in the pain management journey — but it is a very important one. “If your back is in pain, it greatly affects your mood, your performance. You have to have a decent chair.”

The TWU x Sihoo showroom is on the 4th floor of Building A, IT Zone, Ayala Malls Manila Bay. — Brontë H. Lacsamana