Farage: I’m not getting a smart meter

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Nigel Farage has responded to the demands from the Chief Executive of British Gas that smart meters are mandatory in the UK saying he will never get one and said many people who do are ‘bullied into it’.

Farage also suggested that the reason many UK households do not have one is because they do not trust utility companies, fearing their supply will be turned off.

Speaking on GB News Nigel Farage said: “I think most people get smart meters because they’re effectively bullied into it. I keep getting these letters telling me it’s urgent that I have to get a smart meter.

“I’ve had a knock at the door telling me, I’ve got to get a smart meter.

“I am not getting a smart meter.

“They’ll tell you you’ll save money and all the rest of it and of course you won’t.

“Why? Because they’re using it because they want – and they admit it –  the water companies have admitted openly to managed demand, which means when it suits, they can turn you off.

“When the windmills and the solar farms don’t produce enough electricity, they can turn you off the same with water, and the same, indeed, with gas.

“Chris O’Shea, who’s the boss of British Gas who earned £8.2 million last year and said smart meters should be mandatory in every household in order to, have you guessed it, meet Net Zero targets.

“There you are. There you are, you have to be hooked up to a smart meter to meet Net Zero.

“He’s alarmed that 44% of his customers don’t have them and that may well be, Chris O’Shea, because they don’t actually want them because they don’t trust you or any of the other companies.”