Marcos on PDEA list hearsay — SP

SENATE President (SP) Juan Miguel F. Zubiri dismissed as hearsay on Tuesday a supposed Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) list with President Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr. on it due to lack of credible evidence.

“In other words, this (allegation) was solely based on what appears to be hearsay evidence,” said Mr. Zubiri in a news briefing. “Even the drug test of the President is being brought up even though it does not appear to be germane or important to the subject matter of the investigation.”

When reporters asked the Chief Executive to comment on the allegations on Wednesday, he just laughed off the issue.

“There have been instances where statements were made in legislative inquiries, only to be recanted before the courts later on,” Mr. Zubiri said. “We do not want a repeat of that.”

The Senate is in the middle of looking into the alleged PDEA drug list, which contained names of famous actors and politicians. PDEA has denied Mr. Marcos’ inclusion in its drug watch list. — John Victor D. Ordoñez