DoJ logs 95% rate for witness protection program

THE DEPARTMENT of Justice (DoJ) recorded a 95.65% success rate for prosecuting cases with witnesses covered in 2023.

“Your mission plays a very vital role in upholding the Rule of Law, a snappy salute to your unwavering dedication to safeguard witnesses with your very own lives on the line to ensure that justice will never be denied, delayed, or compromised,” said Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin C. Remulla in a statement.

DoJ initially aimed for an 84.80% success rate for the Witness Protection, Security, and Benefit Program.

It added that the program has achieved a 100% rating in processing applications for witness coverage and the percentage of witnesses covered with no reported untoward incidents.

The program seeks to encourage a witness to testify before a court or a quasi-judicial body, or before an investigating authority, by protecting them from reprisals and economic dislocation, DoJ said on its website. — Chloe Mari A. Hufana