CHR condemns crimes vs girls

THE COMMISSION on Human Rights (CHR) has condemned the recent spate of abuses and killing of young girls in the country.

“These cruel and reprehensible acts not only violate the fundamental rights of these individuals but also impose a grave disregard for the sanctity of human life,” the CHR said in a statement released Monday.

It gravely condemned the case of a Grade 2 pupil who was found dead in General Santos City last month and could have been a victim of rape.

It also cited the woman arrested for allegedly using her kids, aged 8, 11, and 13, for nudity and online sex exploitation as “despicable incidents.”

“We emphasize that the protection and promotion of the rights of girls and children are essential components of fostering a just and equitable community,” the CHR said.

It noted that the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), signed and ratified by the Philippines in 1990, is a legally binding international agreement that outlines various rights of children.

Article 19 of the convention holds countries to take appropriate measures to protect children from all forms of violence and abuse.

Last month, lawmakers filed in both chambers of Congress the proposed Magna Carta for Children through Senate Bill 2612 and House Bill 10159, which subscribe to obligations under the UNCRC.

“We continue to call on authorities to take swift and decisive action to ensure that perpetrators are brought to justice and that comprehensive measures are put in place to prevent such atrocities from happening again and to protect the well-being and rights of all children,” the CHR said. — Chloe Mari A. Hufana