Lazada and She Talks Asia showcase inspiring stories of Filipina businesswomen

From left: Five Beauty’s Veronica Eala Garcia and Tiny Buds’ Lorina Tan

Veronica Eala Garcia and Lorina Tan share how they embarked on transformative journeys as women entrepreneurs

Lazada, the pioneer e-commerce platform in the region, recognizes the pivotal role of sellers in its ecosystem. It not only fosters business growth but also empowers individuals to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. In collaboration with She Talks Asia, Lazada highlights inspiring narratives of women entrepreneurs like Five Beauty’s Veronica Eala Garcia and Tiny Buds’ Lorina Tan, who share their journeys as women in business in hopes of motivating others to pursue their purpose.

Veronica Eala Garcia, Five Beauty

Veronica Eala Garcia’s journey in the beauty industry began when she introduced Luxx Lash to the Filipino market in 2018. Luxx Lash, a premium, reusable, and chemical-free magnetic lashes brand, is a game-changing innovation in the lash industry providing ease for the woman on the go. Veronica’s passion in beauty and constant search for purpose led her to co-found Five Beauty with marketing expert Isabel Regino, and actress Gabbi Garcia. Five Beauty is a brand that offers five beauty essentials: cheeks, lips, brows, concealer, and sunscreen. They knew they had to offer something different, so they decided to cater to women who want to simplify their makeup routines with affordable, high-quality products.

In November 2023, the brand launched exclusively on the Lazada app, releasing their first collection: The Hybrid Colour Stick. Five Beauty’s partnership with Lazada, underscored the platform’s role in amplifying startup brands. Veronica shares, “What I appreciated about the Lazada team most is how they’re very collaborative. It’s not transactional. They really cared about, ‘How do we make this work?’ It was good because they were very open and they helped us find a way. The program in itself helps women entrepreneurs to reach the consumers, and that support is really huge.”

Lorina Tan, Tiny Buds

Lorina started her journey as Tiny Buds’ co-founder in 2013 when her mom invited her back to the Philippines to run the business with her. Lorina’s experience with Tiny Buds, a baby essentials brand, reflects her determination to overcome challenges in business. “The challenge, really, was that I had no idea what I was doing. I’m not a mom so I didn’t think the way my customers thought,” she shares. Despite initial hurdles and being unfamiliar with the market, Lorina embraced humility and learning.

It was over a call with Tiny Buds’ account manager in 2012 where Lorina had a realization about the shop’s underperformance, and this sparked her understanding of the necessary steps for the brand’s growth.

Lorina appreciates Lazada for believing in their brand and shares,  “You need someone you look up to that believes in you. That’s what happened to me. Lazada took a chance on us, a very unknown baby brand back in the day. They showed us that if we just worked hard, strategized, and stood out, we could actually become what we are today.” Today, Tiny Buds is a leading brand in baby care, with a strong and loyal customer base.

Breaking Stereotypes in the Business Industry

As women like Veronica and Lorina navigate business, there is a growing recognition of their resilience and determination. Both women have found their passion and success within their markets and proved that drive and determination define success. By sharing their narratives, they hope more women can find inspiration and courage to pursue their own entrepreneurial aspirations.

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