Here are the fuel-efficiency ratings of MG cars, SUVs

MG PHILIPPINES recently released its vehicles’ fuel economy figures based on an officially approved and recorded test by the Automobile Association of the Philippines (AAP).

The test was done to formalize the fuel-efficiency ratings of MG vehicles while providing car-buying Filipinos with unbiased and impartial data on a very important feature for automobiles nowadays. This AAP fuel eco run validates yet another winning asset of MG cars and SUVs — apart from modern style, advanced tech features, rich British heritage, and attainable price points.

Among the MG Philippines vehicles subjected to the test, the MG 5 Alpha variant registered the highest fuel-efficiency rating: 20.20kpl. The MG 5 is MG Philippines’ entry in the local subcompact sedan segment and is recognized by Filipino car buyers for its great value for money, vis-à-vis the vehicle’s size, tech and safety features, cabin comfort and NVH, cargo space, and impeccable styling. Filipino car buyers can also now officially add fuel efficiency to the MG 5’s long list of product wins, making it a top option in one of the most competitive automobile segments in the country.

Said MG Philippines President Atty. Alberto B. Arcilla in a release, “Our effort to formalize and document the fuel economy figures of our MG vehicles aims to strengthen the already high inherent value for money offered by our numerous product offerings here at MG Philippines.” He added, “Our MG cars and SUVs feature top-notch tech and safety features, space, comfort, and easy drivability, and are given support by innovative after-sales services from our dealership network, of which we have 42 dealers nationwide. We at MG Philippines are proud to offer vehicles that can be considered ‘responsible purchases’ because of their high value for money proposition; and now, with their impressive fuel-efficiency ratings confirmed by the AAP, we can add yet another aspect that makes a responsible purchase out of these modern, global MG cars and SUVs.”

Following strict test protocols monitored by the AAP, the fuel eco run mimicked real-world driving conditions which included normal usage of air-conditioning, rolling up of windows, keeping within regulated road speed limits, and with tires pumped to factory-recommended pressure.

All traffic laws and regulations were strictly followed, where no extreme “hypermiling” driving techniques such as drafting or slipstreaming were employed in order to augment the fuel-efficiency ratings of these MG vehicles.

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