Carabao meat being positioned as potential beef substitute


THE Philippine Carabao Center (PCC) is projecting a ready market for carabao (water buffalo) meat, calling the commodity a viable substitute for beef in terms of taste and yields.

“As for the economic viability of carabao’s meat… through collaboration and available technologies, there is a ready market for the product and the economic potential of this venture is very promising,” PCC Business Development and Commercialization Head Zadieshar G. Sanchez said in a statement issued by the Department of Agriculture (DA), the PCC’s parent agency.

“According to our ongoing study… opportunities for this commodity are many. To fully realize this potential, more carabao fattening farms need to be raised,” he added.

PCC former Executive Director Arnel N. del Barrio, who delivered a presentation on the market potential of carabao meat at the Livestock Philippine Expo, said: “If male buffaloes are not fit for breeding, then they are qualified to be fattened and marketed for good quality meat.”

According to a study by the PCC, buffalo meat is comparable to beef in terms of carcass yields, processing traits, and perceived taste.

The DA said it is also continuing to develop breeding technology to ensure a supply of fattened animals to meet potential demand. — Luisa Maria Jacinta C. Jocson