DBM to release NCAs to agencies online

THE Department of Budget and Management (DBM) said it is planning to start releasing via online channels key notifications to agencies informing them of funding approval.

The mechanism for release will be the DBM’s Action Document Releasing System (ADRS), whose services will be extended to notices of cash allocation (NCAs), notices of organization, staffing, and compensation action (NOSCA), and other such documents.

The ADRS, launched in October, is a web-based application releasing approved documents to authorized users at various government agencies. The system does away with printing, physical signing, and forwarding of documents within the DBM to other departments and government servicing banks.

As of April, all departments and 363 agencies have completed ADRS training.

NCAs, which authorize government agencies to disburse funds allocated to them, will be available in the ADRS upon the approval in the Electronic Budgeting (eBudget) system, the DBM said.

Also set for digital release is the NOSCA, indicating DBM approval for staffing changes.

“The DBM aims to institutionalize the release of the NOSCA through the DBM-ADRS for faster viewing and downloading online during all phases of the budget cycle,” the DBM said.

NOSCAs will be available upon their activation in the government manpower information system, the DBM said in a circular.

By October, the ADRS will enable the online release of NCAs and NOSCAs and printing of such documents will be discontinued.

The DBM also said it is preparing to release online documents like the forward obligation authority, multi-year contractual authority, cash disbursement ceiling, and non-cash availment authority via the ADRS, pending approval in the eBudget system. This functionality is expected to be available in September.

The releases will make use of the Philippine National Public Key Infrastructure, a service of the Department of Information and Communications Technology that allows users to exchange private data securely.

The DBM has transitioned to the online release of the Special Allotment Release Order and Advice of Notice of Cash Allocation Issued. — Diego Gabriel C. Robles