How To Get The Most Out Of Online Casino Welcome Bonus

An online casino welcome bonus is among the most attractive factors for choosing an operator. Here’s how to maximize your lucrative welcome offer.

Online Casino Welcome Bonus: Everything You Need To Know

An online casino welcome bonus is among the crucial factors punters consider when deciding which operator to choose. The absolute priority involves checking out if a casino you are interested in is reputable, but the welcome bonus comes in at a close second place.

Indeed, online casinos widely use welcome bonuses as a priority marketing tool. On the one hand, new players are typically eligible for these offers as a “thank you” for choosing a specific casino. Simultaneously, additional offers come into play to encourage punters to continue playing (and depositing funds).

The logic is straightforward and creates a win-win situation. Players receive additional perks and, in return, the casino gets your patronage. However, the catch is that you typically won’t be able to transfer bonus money directly into your account.

The casino will want you to continue playing and is generally happy with players winning now and then. But winning all the time creates a problem, so here’s how to maximize your welcome bonus.

Online Casino Welcome Bonus: Pro Tips & Tricks

You can turn the bonus tide in your favor in several ways. Some of these ways might seem counterintuitive; others might make you go “well, duh,” but we assure you that they work. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Forfeiting the bonus may be wise when you win big
  • ALWAYS read the fine print thoroughly
  • Know how much games contribute to the WR
  • Research the bonuses extensively
  • Avoiding an online casino welcome bonus altogether is also an option.

Forfeiting The Bonus May Be Wise (If And) When You Win Big

While it might sound contrary to the idea of using a bonus to your advantage, bear with us. Most forward-thinking online casinos have a clever set-up in place. Before you can start playing with your casino bonus money, you must first play with your own deposits until they run out.

However, sometimes players that are lucky win a handsome amount without ever touching the bonus. When this happens, you can cash out without having to meet the bonus wagering requirements.

On the other hand, cashing out winnings made with your money means forfeiting the online casino welcome bonus. But this decision may prove wise if your winnings are considerable. How so? Instead of risking your winnings to collect the additional bonus cash by making the wagering requirements, it’s probably better to settle with a bit less money in your pocket.

Alternatively, some casinos can also remove your bonus altogether. To explore this option, check with the helpdesk or customer service representatives. This option can prove worthwhile if you’re playing at a casino that allows voluntary bonus removal.

Always Read The Fine Print Thoroughly

The devil is in the details if we’re to believe in the old saying. This ancient wisdom is especially true when it comes to online gambling. The earliest online casinos would often intentionally hide behind the small print and profit from predatory practices against their players.

However, the strict international gambling regulations have mostly rooted out such foul practices nowadays. Regardless, some operators still resort to tricks to put you at a disadvantage in terms of your online casino welcome bonus.

For example, see if the casino imposes a maximum payout amount that players can win using bonus money. If there is such a limit, use common sense to determine whether it’s reasonable. A casino that offers a $200 maximum bonus, 100x wagering requirements, and a $200 maximum payout on bonus money isn’t attractive. We recommend finding another casino in this case.

Also, consider whether the wagering requirements apply to both the bonus and deposit or just the bonus. Keep in mind that, in the first case, the wagering requirements will double if the bonus is 100%.

Know How Much Games Contribute To Wagering Requirements

As experienced punters know, even the most lucrative casino games contribute to the wagering requirements differently. Some games contribute more, others less, and some games do not contribute to the WR at all.

For example, you’ll find that most slot games contribute 100%, whereas titles like video poker, roulette, and blackjack contribute with a lower percentage. The point is that contribution rates vary from one operator to the next, making it crucial to stay informed.

Don’t be surprised if you come across online casinos where roulette contributes 0% to the bonus wagering requirements. Why’s that important, you say? Because this percentage means you are wagering your bonus money indefinitely without making any progress. The worst part is that players usually aren’t aware of this fact!

As a result, game contribution percentages are as vital as any other online casino welcome bonus information. Casinos should clearly state these percentages under the terms & conditions section of the website. We recommend choosing another casino if you can’t find this information anywhere on the site.

Research The Bonuses Extensively

While it might seem self-explanatory, we cannot understate the importance of getting your first deposit down correctly. Why? Because first deposits are much like first impressions – you only have one chance to do everything right. Thanks to the rise of both sports betting and online casino gambling, you can’t afford to make mistakes.

Therefore, your priority should be to determine the bonus’s maximum amount and percentage. You’ll notice that a 100% bonus on the first deposit is standard among most online casinos. However, you’ll also encounter welcome bonuses that match your deposit up to 150% and 200%.

Simultaneously, there are variations in the maximum bonus cash amount. The current standard is between $50 and $150, but some casinos also provide new players with an unlimited bonus amount (though these operators are rare). Regardless, you can calculate your optimal first deposit by accounting for both of these factors.

Here’s a straightforward example: imagine the maximum bonus you can claim is $150 with a 200% percentage. In this case, you shouldn’t deposit more than $75. The reasoning behind this amount is similarly straightforward. You receive a $225 online casino welcome bonus ($75 + $150) along with your first deposit. Simple, right? Good luck!