Handwashing station built with eco-bricks made from 18,000 discarded plastic sachets


A HANDWASHING STATION has been built using eco-bricks made from around 18,000 discarded plastic sachets in Pulilan, Bulacan.

Building and housing solutions provider Green Antz Builders, Inc. and Colgate-Palmolive Philippines, Inc. last Feb. 16 turned over the first of a series of “wash-and-brush stations,” in the Pulilan Public Market.

In a statement, Colgate-Palmolive Philippines President and General Manager Arvind Sachdev said 18,000 discarded plastic sachets were used by Green Antz in making the eco-bricks for the handwashing station.

The plastic waste is said to have been collected from over 60 schools in Bulacan.

“By helping to collect plastic waste, we are able to make Wash & Brush Stations available to the schools and the community. These handwashing stations are most appropriate at this time to help inculcate proper hygiene and cleanliness within the community. This is only the start for us in our efforts to address plastic waste,” Mr. Sachdev said.

Green Antz President and Chief Executive Officer Rommel B. Benig expressed optimism that the plastic waste problem in the country can be solved if groups work together.

“Even as a handwashing station is highly relevant in helping people to keep healthy during the pandemic, we can collaborate to transform waste into a resource of value. We are glad that more and more people are joining the Green movement. If we combine forces and help each other, we can successfully address the plastic waste crisis,” Mr. Benig said in a statement.

Green Antz and Colgate-Palmolive Philippines are working to reduce plastic waste with its “closed loop plastic waste management program” with five local government units and 62 schools in Bulacan province.

Green Antz said that the closed loop system involves collecting plastic waste, manufacturing eco-bricks, constructing the “wash-and-brush” stations, and turning them over to municipalities and schools.

On its website, the Bulacan-based Green Antz describes itself as a provider of environment-friendly products and solutions for the construction industry. — Angelica Y. Yang