The solution to always find an available meeting room at work

Those of us who work in companies of a considerable size know what it is like to have to ask if someone needs a room at a certain time or if they leave us a space for an important meeting.

It may seem that it is a minor problem, but the truth is that good control of room reservations can even help improve relations between workers, because nobody likes to be left without a room before an important meeting, truth?

Faced with these situations, some teams chose to use Excel sheets or even Google Calendar, but the truth is that today there are several meeting and conference room reservation system tools that can make our lives much easier. One of them is Meeting room digital signage.

What is striking about this tool?

Meeting Room promises to make business processes easier and help make better use of company spaces. To do this, it offers a series of functions:

Synchronization with office systems

To receive notifications or import or export data, Meeting Room can sync with G Suite, Microsoft Exchange, and Office 365 email accounts.

Ad-hoc reservations and colored signals

Thanks to the panels associated with the application, meeting room reservations can be made in seconds, and you can see at a glance the availability of the room through a color system.

Meeting agenda

The application allows you to have a synoptic agenda of all meetings, with names, participants, times and dates, so you can always know what is happening in the office. Ideal to know if important clients / partners are coming!

Confirmation of arrival

Upon reaching the room, at the entrance device, you have to confirm your attendance by pressing a button. In the event that attendance is not confirmed 15 minutes before the start or after the meeting, the room will automatically be available again and can be reserved again.


One point to keep in mind is the calls. In just a few clicks on the screen, the reception or company administration can indicate that the room needs cleaning, catering or repair services.


What are the rooms used for? Which room has been most in demand? Which worker makes the most use of them? You will be able to know all this thanks to the reports to which the application gives access.

What is the price of Meeting Room?

If the room reservation management tool has caught your attention, the logical thing is that now you wonder how much everything is going to cost you. Well, Meeting Room has 3 different plans:

Mini: € 179 per year for a meeting room, ideal for 4 rooms. One-time annual maintenance fee of 20%. With this plan you can make ad-hoc reservations, accounts with the daily agenda, color signs, event cancellations, full screen mode, screensavers and synchronization.

Cloud: € 15 per meeting room monthly, with monthly or annual subscription. In addition to the functions of the previous plan, it also has arrival confirmation, planning and meeting extension, PIN assurance, notifications, calls to reception and change of appearance of the app. In addition to customer support.

On-Premise: price on request, with a one-time fee and annual maintenance. This plan has the exclusivity of a custom development of the orders and an assigned account manager.

The good thing about all these plans is that they have a free trial version that you can request from the web.

What device do I need to use this tool?

Meeting Room is an application that can be used from mobile devices and also from its own website; does this mean that you need devices in your company? If you want to enjoy all its benefits, yes. The good part is that if you already have tablets in your company you can use them without problem.

Otherwise, Meeting Room offers a series of devices such as iPads or Samsung Galaxy Tab, as well as plastic frames to integrate your own devices seamlessly.

Meeting Room or Robin?

When analyzing this solution we could not remember Robin, a well-known room management tool for companies, like JOAN, which we have already told you about. This second application shares many of its functions with Meeting Room, except that it adds space recommendations according to the hour, day and minutes of the room, a Google Chrome extension and a map where you can clearly see the layout and availability of the rooms.