Best Bitcoin Recovery Service To Recover Scammed Bitcoin Investment On Blockchain

Bitcoin Scam Recovery, experience as broadcasted by BBC International: Sebastian is the name of an innocent man that experienced an Elon Musk Impersonation Bitcoin Scam and lost £407,000, He and his wife watched a series on Netflix, before she went to bed and left him on the sofa messing about on his phone. Then he received a Twitter notification with news from a fake Elon Musk.

Sebastian told the BBC: “Musk tweeted, ” Sebastian followed the link in the tweet to a professional-looking website where the Bitcoin giveaway looked to be in full swing and Sebastian double-checked the verification logo next to Elon Musk’s name, and then tried to decide whether to send five or 10 Bitcoin.

“‘Take the maximum’, I thought, this is definitely real, so I sent 10 Bitcoin.” For the next 20 minutes as the timer wound down, Sebastian waited for the prize to land in his Bitcoin wallet. From his house in Cologne in Germany he sat there refreshing his screen every 30 seconds.

” I stumbled on a cryptocurrency recovery service wallet recovery service online to recover money or bitcoin lost and sent a message. They responded to educate me on how to recover lost bitcoin from the blockchain chargeback using their data recovery service to recover funds which worked fine. They helped me recover the stolen BTC cryptocurrency within a period of 1 week from the date I requested the investment scam recovery for their service and the process was user-friendly and professional.”

How To Recover Scammed BTC Investment From Scammer

  • Visit com
  • Send a detailed message to including all the information regarding the transaction.
  • Sender’s Cryptocurrency wallet Provider i.e Blockchain, Coinbase, Gemini, Cex, Binance.
  • Sender’s cryptocurrency wallet address that was used to send BTC to scam Investment Company
  • Receiver’s Cryptocurrency Wallet Address i.e the 16 sixteen digit long wallet address.
  • The hash Numbers generated from the Bitcoin Transaction sent to Scam Company

How To Identify a Transaction I.D For Scammed Btc Recovery

On most blockchains, a Private Key and transaction ID (TXID) is a unique string of letters and numbers that represent a record of the movement of cryptocurrency from one address to another. This can sometimes be referred to as the transaction hash.

This hash identifies the date-time, sending addresses, receiving addresses, transaction amounts, fees, and more. A Bitcoin transaction hash, for example, is displayed as a 65-digit-hexadecimal number, as seen below.

How to Know A Cryptocurrency Investment Scam Before BTC Recovery Request:

  1. Unreasonable Loyalty Bonus: They claim falsely to the users that have claimed their Bitcoin reward for consecutive days. The users that follow this process get an additional 1% for claiming their bitcoin rewards for the consecutive days.
  2. Bogus Offer Bonus:  They claim falsely that when you complete any surveys or offers on the Moon Bitcoins offerwalls. For every survey or offers completed within the last 30 days, you will receive a 5% bonus added on every faucet claim that you make.
  3. Very Huge Referral Bonus:  They falsely claim to earn Moon Bitcoin cash for referring new users to the system. For each active referral that you make, you get a 1% bonus added to each of your claims, up to a maximum of 100%.
  4. Mystery Bonus: They lied about the unique bonus that typically pops up in the bottom page and offers the users to claim free Bitcoin. The rewards in the bonus may range differently.

Mining Bonus: This is an optional bonus offered by Moon Bitcoin to users that allow their computers hashing power. For this you need to tick the “Run Mining bonus” Option, the website increases your CPU usage by 10-80% and further increases your reward.

Many companies are running scams, Hence the rise in the Bitcoin recovery request.  A few of companies running Bitcoin scam and other cryptocurrency scams are listed below;

  • Mirror Trading International Reviews Scam: If you wish to recover bitcoin lost to Mirror Trading International, Reach out to Mirror Trading International was Named Biggest Crypto Scam of the Year After Raking in $589 Million. Blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis’ latest crime report has named Mirror Trading International (MTI) as the biggest cryptocurrency scam of 2020.
  • FAKE ELON-MUSK Scam: Even though the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) could investigate Elon Musk over Tesla’s $1.5 billion bitcoin purchase, some legal experts have warned, including a former SEC enforcement officer. Given the timing of Tesla’s bitcoin purchase and Musk’s multiple tweets on the subject, some say that the SEC will look into the matter.

The competition was apparently being run by Elon Musk’s Tesla team. It invited people to send anything from 0.1 Bitcoin(worth approximately £4,300) to 20 Bitcoin (approximately £860,000), and the team would send back double the amount.Mar 16, 2021

  • Bitcoin Moon Scam: They ask for payment using a Bank account and other means of payment only for innocent investors to start losing money after reaching out to them via social media and email address to initiate contact for their Bitcoin scam proposals in different forms.

How To Recover Lost Stolen Scammed Bitcoin Investment

Using various innovative methods to track third party electronic transactions by specialized investigative procedures with law enforcement and use forensic techniques to assess fraudulent companies personal information database.

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