GoDaddy launches e-store product for small businesses


GoDaddy, a domain registrar and web hosting company, launched an e-store product that allows small businesses to create their own virtual storefront and manage all their online needs in one place.

In a survey conducted by the company on the Filipino entrepreneur, they found that 1 out of 3 businesses was created in response to the pandemic. Sixty percent also said technology is essential in ensuring their ventures weather crises, with 38% looking at getting into e-commerce, and 69% looking to learn more about social media tools.

“As a brand, we are a one-stop-shop,” said Tina Shieh, GoDaddy’s marketing director for Asia Pacific. “We have domain services, professional emails, security offers… so customers can better manage all the tools they need in one place.”

The e-store product features social media integration, support for various payment modes, options for different shipping methods, chat platform integration, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certification, and built-in marketing tools. It has a customizable drag-and-drop interface that connects to social media pages with single-click buttons. It also has more than 40 payment providers onboard — including Stripe, Square, and PayPal — with alternative payment methods available for cash on delivery and e-wallets.

GoDaddy offers a one-month free trial that doesn’t require credit card information so that customers can figure out what suits their needs and technical skills.

To protect sellers from bogus buyers, the e-store has a management feature that allows the entry of customer data. Payment providers that have ownership verification can also help minimize fraud.

“Digital strategy is all about omni-channels,” Ms. Shieh said at the launch. “Start with a message you can control, and then consolidate all the components of digital into one platform.”

GoDaddy E-Store’s starter plan is priced at P795 per month; its premium plan, P1,299 per month. Discounted rates are offered to new customers on the website.